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Compassion based professional and leadership development for healthcare and public health professionals and organizations

Why Compassion, Why Now?

The evidence is compelling. Compassion has been shown to improve many dimensions of healthcare, including patient health outcomes, patient satisfaction, clinician well-being, team well-being, and quality and process of care.

While compassion is an inherent quality we all have as human beings, it is an orientation and skill that can be cultivated and strengthened so that it becomes the default place from which we approach and respond to any situation, rain or shine.

While burnout has been increasingly acknowledged as a growing crisis in healthcare, the pandemic has exponentially increased the sources of stress for healthcare professionals. Moreover, the movement for social and racial justice calls on us to engage in inner inquiry and cultivate more sustainable inner resources. In this context, the skills to deal with stress, calm the nervous system, and process emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, and grief while cultivating strength and prosocial qualities such as self-awareness, empathy, and compassion are all the more important. This inner work is not only necessary for self and collective care, but also to co-create more equitable healthcare systems.

As global experts in compassion-based interventions, our goal is to serve those who serve us. Specifically,


Equip health sector professionals with the tools and skills for self and collective care


Collaborate with leaders and health organizations to co-create compassionate organizational cultures that are aligned with the values and mission of the organization


Improve patient, staff, and community well-being

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Caring From the Inside Out

Foundations of Self and Collective Care

Custom Program

CCT Workshop

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)

A Sample of Our Partners/Clients:

UCSD T. Denny Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion

California Primary Care Association (CPCA)

Illinois Primary Health Care Association (IPHCA)

Kaiser Permanente

Task Force for Global Health

Stanford Children’s Health

Royal Free Hospital in London

VA Palo Alto Health Care System

Sharp HealthCare

Foundations of Self and Collective Care

Caring From the Inside Out

Learning Objectives

Participants will:


Gain a deeper understanding of the stressors that contribute to stress and burnout.


Shift from overwhelm and helplessness to a greater sense of agency in caring for one’s well-being.


Acquire tools to regulate the nervous system to de-stress and weave self-care into one’s routine.


Acquire and apply practical skills and tools for self and collective care to support the well-being of oneself and that of colleagues. Tools are designed to be accessible for participants with full schedules, and can be practiced with colleagues and within teams.

Course Format

5 modules, 1 module / week. Each module includes on demand videos + 1 live online session.

On demand videos: 10-25 min in length, educational content. Should be watched ahead of each module’s live session.

Additional resources will complement each module, available in the course classroom.

1-hour live online sessions: Video content will be translated into practical skills and application. An opportunity for participants to connect and learn with peers and an expert facilitator.

Participants will have indefinite access to all course materials.

The first module lays out foundational concepts including stress, burnout, and nervous system regulation. Participants will start to track their daily experience of stress and incorporate practical self-care strategies and skills into their daily routine.

Module two broadens participants’ awareness of their daily experience of stress and well-being, and connects with their deeply held values as a compass. Emotions are explored – how they manifest and how to regulate them throughout the day.

This module inquires into the role of systems and culture in shaping how we work and rest, as well as the topic of self-care. Skills in time management and boundary setting are explored, as well as the practice of self-compassion.

Module four examines the role of “love” and “power” in the workplace, and the difference between empathy and compassion – an important distinction when protecting oneself from overwhelm in caregiving professions.

The final session will focus on integrating the learnings and practices from previous weeks, to support participants to sustain the benefits of the course moving forward.

5 weeks • 1 hour / week • live online

6.25 CMEs available

Each module consists of on demand videos and a 1-hour live online session

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)

Our flagship 8-week program – Compassion Cultivation Training™ (CCT) – was developed by thought leaders and industry experts in compassion science and education, contemplative science, psychology, and social sciences. Research has shown CCT can lead to:

8 weeks • 2 hours / week • live online

16 CMEs available

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) Workshop

Originally developed as an in-person one-day intensive workshop, CCT Workshop is now offered online. The workshop distills the essence of CCT, and learners will experience a multi-modal approach combining contemplative practice, interactive exercises, group sharing, and didactic explanations.

8 hours • live online

2 hour sessions

across 4 weeks / days


4 hour sessions

across 2 weeks / days

8 CMEs available

Custom Programs

Are you interested in a custom program or longer-term collaboration and co-creation of compassionate systems?

Long-Term Institutional Partners

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