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Online Compassion Cultivation Training Workshop with Dr. Shireen Mansouri, Starting June 22, 2024 (for the Health Sector)

8:00AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time

Refund Policy
No refunds will be issued unless the course does not fill a minimum number of registrants by 1 week prior to the course start date.


Shireen Mansouri

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28 seats available

Registrants for this course should be working, studying, or teaching in the health sector.

This course is designed to distill the essence of CI’s flagship 8- week Compassion Cultivation Training© (CCTTM) into an 8-hour format. Drawing from contemplative science, neuroscience, and psychology, the content is supported by research on the efficacy of CCT and compassion training.

The evidence is compelling. While compassion is an inherent quality we all possess as human beings, research from neuroscience, contemplative science, and psychology show that it is an orientation and skill that can be cultivated and strengthened to increase the well-being of individuals, communities and society. 

What does Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) Workshop look like?

CCT Workshop is an 8-hour course, including:

  • Four 2-hour sessions, with lectures, discussions, and interactive exercises
  • Meditation practices
  • Real-world assignments for practicing compassionate thoughts and actions

What effects can I expect?

While everyone will have their own unique experience, research has shown CCT can lead to:

  • Support for your health, happiness, and well-­­being
  • Reduction of stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Improvements in relating to others and the world

The 8-hour CCT Workshop journey 

Day 1: Session 1 & 2

Session 1: Settling the Mind and Intention Setting

  • Define compassion
  • Intention Setting
  • Settling the mind and nervous system

Session 2: Loving-Kindness and Self-Appreciation

  • Examine loving-kindness
  • Practice self-appreciation
  • Importance of Gratitude

Day 2: Sessions 3 & 4

Session 3: Empathy, Compassion, and Self-Compassion

  • Explore the difference between empathy and compassion
  • Self-compassion and self-stewardship
  • Create a compassionate Image

Session 4: Common Humanity and Active Compassion

  • Broaden our circle of empathy and compassion
  • Explore Common Humanity
  • Explore active compassion techniques

This course will specifically focus on cultivating compassion for people in the health field, including addressing barriers and enablers in our current environment. The class time will allow for discussion of issues specific to working in health amongst a group of peers.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Describe the basic components of mindful awareness
  • Describe the key components of compassion
  • Apply the practice of setting intentions
  • Describe the dimensions of loving-kindness
  • Explain the value of self-compassion
  • Apply learned compassion skills in everyday and professional life
  • Apply learned self-compassion skills in everyday and professional life
  • Differentiate between empathy, compassion, and empathic distress
  • Describe the key components of common humanity
  • Describe how to establish a daily practice

Continuing Education

This course offers 8 hours of continuing education through our joint providership with AffinityCE. This activity provides continuing education credit for Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Psychologists, as well as a statement of participation for other attendees. There is no additional fee for claiming your continuing education. Attendance and participation in all sessions is required to claim any continuing education for this course.

Our group will meet on 

  • Saturday, June 22: 8am – 12pm Pacific Time
  • Sunday, June 23:  8am – 12pm Pacific Time

Absence & Refund Policy

We understand that life happens and we want to work with you to make sure you’re able to get the most out of your class. Before registering, please consider the following:

  • Absences: If you are planning on claiming continuing education, attendance and participation in all sessions is a requirement to be eligible to claim any continuing education hours. For those who do not intend to claim continuing education, full participation and attendance remains the most beneficial, however, we do understand that last-minute conflicts may arise for a short portion of the schedule.  Due to the condensed nature of the Workshop schedule, for CCT Workshop, we recommend you verify your availability to attend all sessions prior to registering. This will allow you to obtain as much information as possible and get the most out of the course. 
  • Refunds: Unfortunately, we are unable to issue refunds or transfers for CCT Workshop classes.

Please be sure to take note of the time & date listed above, all times are listed in UTC offset and should have the ability to display your local time on your computer.

Registration Fee: $315


28 seats available


Shireen Mansouri

Shireen Mansouri MD CCFP(EM) FCFP is a family physician living and working in Canada’s North for over 20 years. In addition to being a family medicine clinician, she is a certified CCT teacher, and Functional Medicine practitioner. She became interested in Compassion Cultivation after taking a Contemplative Caregiver course and experiencing the positive effects in her own practice. She is passionate about relieving suffering and promoting wellness for both people seeking health care as well as those who provide it.


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Course Name: Online Compassion Cultivation Training Workshop with Dr. Shireen Mansouri, Starting June 22, 2024 (for the Health Sector)