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A selection of our recent videos.


Settling the Mind with Thupten Jinpa (~20 mins)
From CCT Training, Week 1


Thupten Jinpa, PhD. - Guided Practice - "Awakening Our Capacity to Care"

Thupten Jinpa PhD. - Practicing Compassion: An Antidote for These Challenging Times

What is Compassion?

“Transforming Society Through Compassion" Keynote Speech - Thupten Jinpa Ph.D & Shaid Mahmood

“Transforming Society Through Compassion" - Thupten Jinpa Ph.D & Shaid Mahmood

Reflections on Compassion: Compassion Cultivation Training at Angola Prison

Thupten Jinpa's Keynote - Omega Compassion in Connection Conference, 2018