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Compassion Training

Inspiring compassionate action in the community, home, workplace, and for ourselves.

Why compassion training?

The evidence is compelling. While compassion is an inherent quality we all possess as human beings, psychology, neuroscience and clinical medicine show that it is an orientation and skill that can be cultivated and strengthened to increase the well-being of individuals, communities and society.

As the global experts in compassion-based interventions, Compassion Institute develops and delivers programs for institutions in the sectors of health, law enforcement & public safety, and education as well as for the general public. Our evidence-based programs are developed to provide practical benefits for individuals and organizations, reducing stress and the likelihood of burnout, especially for critical, frontline professionals so that they may continue to serve and thrive in their chosen fields.

Are our programs for you?

The flagship Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT™) course was designed at Stanford University and is taught around the world by certified instructors. CCT supports anyone who wants to engage compassion for themselves and improve their relationships with others. It is taken as an 8-week small group class with a highly trained facilitator, either in person or online.

Additional CI programs include the self-paced course Building Compassion From the Inside Out, as well as programs offered at the institutional level serving Health, Law Enforcement and Public Service, Education, and Systems Transformation.

Enroll in a course, or contact us to inquire if one of our programs might be right for your organization or group.