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Shari Carlson, Program Director, Health and Systems Transformation

Compassion Institute Team | December 2, 2022

If you have interacted with us relating to the health sector or systems transformation over the last six months, you have likely already met Shari Carlson, who joined our team as our Senior Program Manager.  Today, we are excited to inform you that Shari now serves as Program Director, Health and Systems Transformation.


Shari brought her executive leadership experience and a long history of management in both state government and non-profit organizations with a focus on social services and improving the well-being of individuals, families and communities. As Program Director, Shari will work with organizations to bring programming focused on self and collective care to health sector professionals and explore partnerships to provide programming and leadership journeys to support organizations as they infuse compassion into all aspects of their operational culture to reduce burnout, improve employee well-being, and better achieve their own mission.


To learn more, visit the Health and the Systems Transformation pages on our website.