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Systems Transformation

Reimagining institutional and sectoral systems for radical compassion

Compassion Institute is working with partners to reimagine and redesign institutional and sectoral systems, in order to co-create radically compassionate ecosystems and environments.

The global crisis of the pandemic continues to unveil how too many social structures are designed to support some people and communities while leaving others behind. Compassion Institute shares the belief that burnout culture has become the norm in too many institutions. At this moment in history, one social paradigm is dying and a new paradigm is emerging.

We believe:

Compassion Institute holds that it is this combination of inner/personal and systemic transformation that will bring about the change we want to see. This change will be reflected for those whose work is to serve others (in healthcare and public health, education, law enforcement, etc) and for society at all levels (communities, institutions, government, etc) in the near term and for the generations to come.

Our Process

In this highly customized and emergent process, we work with leadership, teams, and organizations for six months to two years to diagnose systems, identify leverage points for change, experiment, learn, and iterate.

Unlike most organizational or systemic change efforts, the Compassionate Systems Transformation process centers both inner and outer dimensions (inner inquiry and reflection plus tangible systemic interventions), for deeper and more integrated actions that result in authentic and meaningful shifts and transformation across the whole system*.

*The size of the system will vary depending on the boundaries identified during the change process.

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