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Compassion Training

Inspiring compassionate action in the community, home, workplace, and for ourselves.

Why compassion training?

          We all face difficult situations, challenging relationships, and internal thoughts and beliefs that prevent us from experiencing the best life has to offer. When we become more aware, open, and curious about the world and people around us, we learn to use our natural compassion in practical ways to navigate life’s toughest personal challenges and begin to move through life’s ups and downs with greater confidence and ease.  Be a part of making the world a better place.


           Practicing compassion can alleviate our worries and fears so we can become powerful forces for good — in our relationships, families, workplaces, and communities.

Are our programs for you?

          The flagship Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)© course was designed at Stanford University and is taught around the world by certified instructors. CCT supports anyone who wants to engage compassion for themselves and improve their relationships with others. It is taken as an 8-week small group class with a highly trained facilitator.  On-line CCT™ course is offered where a local certified teacher is not available.  Additional CI programs address related topics such as Forgiveness, Equanimity, Active Compassion; and the specific needs of professionals that serve the public under challenging circumstances in healthcare, education, law enforcement, other public services.


          Enroll in a CCT™  course, or contact us to inquire if one of our programs might be right for your organization or group.