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Vívian Dayrell

Certified CCT Instructor
Brasília, BR
[email protected]

Vívian is a Brazilian psychologist who has been working in the social policies for over a decade, having experience in care of young people in conflict with the law, in a mental health service, in prison system and in care of families in domestic violence circumstance. She has a master’s degree on public care for women victims of gender-based violence. Concurrently with the beginning of her professional life, she began her personal meditation practice in the context of a buddhist community. The insights of meditative methods made her experience a mental clarity, less judgmental and more compassionate mind and to find a greater balance when take care of others. She is a Certified Teacher of Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) by the Compassion Institute and Nirakara Institute (Spain). For more information, you are welcome to contact her in Brasilia by email.