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Tiffany Lynn Wong

Certified CCT Instructor
Santa Cruz, CA
831-818-2909 [email protected]

Tiffany Lynn Wong, MFA, is an instructor at the University of California Santa Cruz where she teaches courses on mindfulness, creativity, and ecology. She leads the Watsonville Insight Meditation group “Living Room Dharma” and has practiced with Laung Por Pasanno at Abhayagiri Monastery, Thanissaro Bhikkhu at Metta Forest Monastery, and Ajahn Chandako at the Redwood Hermitage. She originally completed CCT (Compassionate Cultivation Training) with the Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi and is mentored by Chris Basiletti in the Insight tradition. She is the recipient of a Contemplative Fellowship from the Hemera Foundation for her work as an educator that supports initiatives that foster basic human goodness in individuals and society. Her specialty is in providing educational innovators clear science-based strategies for integrating compassion into their policy, pedagogy, programming, and research.