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Seona Gwon

Certified CCT Instructor
Sacramento, CA
+821092863399 [email protected]

Seona works as a teacher, producer, writer, translator in South Korea, and occasionally in California. She is an International Dharma Instructor, certified by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Also, Seona is a certified teacher of CCT and Mindful Self Compassion (MSC), teaching in both Korean and English. For 15 years, Seona was an Instructor at Joongang Sangha University, the primary buddhist university in Korea for monks and nuns, also taught in the graduate school of Dongguk University’s Buddhist Department, and at the International School of Buddhist Studies (ISBS). As a producer, she brought the Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh to South Korea in 2003, and Zen teacher Norman Fischer in 2017.
Seona has a Phd in Buddhist Studies. She has been a practitioner of Korean Zen (Seon) since childhood. Her central path is developing and deepening her own compassion and then manifesting it in life and action in the larger world.