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Sandra Sanabria Bohorquez

Certified CCT Instructor
Bay Area, CA
[email protected]

I am a certified CCT Teacher. I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I hold a BS in Physics, an MS in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences.


Life has been generous to me. I enjoy my family, friends and job, but life is never short of trials and tribulations: the day-to-day bores and disappointments, challenging situations and relationships, aging, the loss of loved ones, and more.


Cultivation of mindfulness and insight meditation practice are at the base of my compassion practice. Becoming a meditation facilitator and a CCT teacher allows me to closely witness the wisdom and goodness in the hearts of people, a source of optimism and resilience in these difficult times. I deeply believe that the cultivation of compassion and kindness is essential for achieving profound and lasting joy, within ourselves, with others and in the world. Compassion can become a way to be in the world. I teach in English and Spanish.