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Olga Restrepo Botero

Certified CCT Instructor
Antioquia, Colombia
57-3165229035 [email protected]

Olga is a co-founder of Sendero Mindful. This is a digital educational platform. Nowadays, She facilitates online mindfulness and compassion programs, meditation practices, and seminars for women from different countries in Latin Americas. The principal topics she loves to teach are creativity, empowerment, emotional regulation, and soft skills.  In 2017, She completed “  Training in Mindfulness Facilitation “ at the Mindful Awareness Research Center of the  University of California. Her training is in administration and consulting. Throughout her professional life, She has been a professor of small companies, multinationals, and postgraduates. In each case, mindfulness has been a fundamental tool of addressing.   She feels a deep love for teaching as a reciprocal learning process.