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Ida Hertz

Senior CCT Instructor
Copenhagen, DK
+45 26280909 [email protected]

Ida Hertz is a social psychologist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a main driver behind the Danish Center for Resilience (Center for Mental Robusthed). Her core field is resilience training and boosting overall psychological wellbeing in the workplace. Over the last seven years she has gained extensive experience in developing and teaching scientific validated psycho-educational programs and methods that enhances psychological resilience in private and governmental organizations e.g. hospitals and the army. She is sought out keynote speaker and dedicated to sharing knowledge about resilience, compassion and mindtraining. Ida has been practicing meditation on a regular basis for +12 years, attended to multiple retreats in Kopan Monastery (Nepal) as well as other meditation and mindtraining retreats in Europe for the last 10 years. Ida has been a meditation teacher for 5 years.