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Care Package

For Health Professionals & Frontline Responders

    We live in unprecedented times with healthcare and public health workers tirelessly serving on the frontlines of the pandemic.

This Care Package was developed to support the well-being of health professionals and front-line responders, designed to be easy to use and freely accessible.

Thank you for all that you do.

Booklet + portable cards

Portable cards

Audio recordings of

On-the-spot Well-being Practices

Breathe to Center

To calm & settle the mind

Self-Compassion Antidote

When stressed / feeling self-critical

Breathing Compassion

When triggered / overwhelmed

Box Breathing

To calm & settle the mind

Just Like Me

Compassion for neutral / difficult person

Stream or download

Guided Meditations

Before work

Prime your mind and strengthen your inner resources for the day.

After work

Check in and recharge your inner resources at the end of the day.

When feeling anxiety or difficult emotions

Metabolize your emotions and resource yourself.

Well-Being Practices for Teams

Coming Soon!

We appreciate your input on the Care Package.

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