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Compassion Institute Welcomes Newly-Certified CCT™ Teachers to the Community

Compassion Institute Team | October 21, 2021

The third cohort of CCT™ Teacher Training has drawn to a close, and Compassion Institute heartily welcomes 31 newly-certified CCT™ Teachers to its community. There are an additional 16 teachers working toward their certification. These teachers represent 14 countries including Peru, Cambodia, Denmark and Turkey. The diverse array of regions, cultures, and nationalities represented in the current cohort further exemplify that the CCT™ Teaching Community is a global community.


Thupten Jinpa and Compassion Institute have always viewed our valued community of Certified CCT™ Teachers as key ambassadors of compassion, stewarding CCT™ to individuals who are drawn to its transformative tools. Due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, this current cohort of Teacher Training represented the first time the training was given virtually. This presented many challenges for CI staff and those Founding Faculty and Senior CCT™ Teachers who were giving the training. However, this opened up Teacher Training to a truly global audience of passionate participants.  Compassion Institute would like to acknowledge the tremendous work of those Founding Faculty, Senior Teachers, and CI staff who worked extra hard to make Teacher Training happen in the face of unprecedented global challenges. Their collective efforts combined with those of our recent graduates demonstrated how crucial the cultivation of compassion is in the face of adversity and suffering.


Below is a list of our newly-certified CCT™ Teachers. Congratulations to you all and welcome our remarkable community!


Anelise Coelho da Fonsenca

Ashley Potvin

Bunly Meas

David Midgley

Eowyn Ahlstrom

Eva Hertz

Greg Morris

Helena Ho

Holly Costa

Joji Arellano-Santos

Joshua Anderson

Julia Zigarelli

Justin Henderson

Kim Koop

Kimiko Masuda

Komala Rohde

Kristy Banks

Laura Wallace

Lene Haulrik

Leslie Ann Lockyear

Lisa Schernikau

Marcelo Peterlini

Pete ODonnell

Sema Demirkan

Stef Wolf

Stephanie Barnett

Stephanie Anker

Surya Pratap Deka

Tanya de Santos

Tiffany Wong

Tony Pham