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Compassion Institute Welcomes Miroo Kim to the Team

Compassion Institute Team | September 23, 2022

Compassion Institute is thrilled to announce and welcome the newest member of our team – Miroo Kim! Miroo will be joining CI as Content Lead for CCT Teacher Training. She brings incredible knowledge from her own compassion work as a Certified CCT Teacher and will help shape our next CCT Teacher Training program. We are so grateful to have her on the team. Welcome Miroo!


Miroo Kim


Miroo is a changemaker for systemic wellbeing inside corporations and organizations. In her 18+ years of career, she loved bringing meaningful impact on the lives of people with technologies, working at Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Ironically, working on the latest technologies of our time, she realized that the best technology was already inside us – our awareness. She feels passionate about cultivating human minds individually and systemically. She hopes to empower others to feel whole as human and help them imagine and achieve big dreams together in organizations, enabled by systemic wellbeing.


She has led various roles at Apple, Microsoft, and Meta for 18 years. Some of her works includes launching new iPhones, Windows Phone, and in underserved parts of the world. One of her most recent projects was to lead and grow the Mindfulness Community, an employee club at Meta, offering mindfulness programs to cultivate a mindful and compassionate community at the workplace. She is a certified instructor for the Search Inside Yourself, Compassion Cultivation Training and yoga. She loves playing with her daughter and enjoys having spiritual conversations with her partner. She also loves going for a long walk or run in her neighborhood in SF with a good podcast.