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Pippa Rowcliffe

Certified CCT Instructor
Vancouver, BC
[email protected]

Pippa has worked in the child and youth development field for over ten years and is an experienced facilitator and trainer. In the last 20 years, she has led educational seminars, facilitated dialogues, run numerous strategic and organizational planning sessions, and led a range of community-based workshops. She has worked in business, public sector, and non-profit sectors.


Pippa has become increasingly convinced in the power of compassion to change ourselves to become more resilient and kind (to ourselves and others), the way we work (in engaged conversations and through meaningful relationships) and how we play a role in making the world a better place (through systems thinking practice). Compassion lies at the heart of changing our personal and working lives.


In addition to teaching CCT, Pippa is the Deputy Director of the Human Early Learning Partnership, a UBC-based institute with a vision of “Thriving Children in Health Societies”.