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Care Package

for Health Professionals & Frontline Responders

    We live in unprecedented times with healthcare and public health workers tirelessly serving on the frontlines of the pandemic. This Care Package was developed to support the well-being of health professionals and front-line responders, designed to be easy to use and freely accessible.
Thank you for all that you do.

Booklet + portable cards

Portable cards

Audio recordings of on-the-spot Well-being Practices


Breathe to Center


To calm & settle the mind



Box Breathing


To calm & settle the mind


Self-Compassion Antidote


When stressed / feeling self-critical


Just Like Me

Compassion for neutral / 

 difficult person






Breathing Compassion


When triggered / overwhelmed






Guided meditations

Stream or download



Before work


Prime your mind and strengthen your inner resources for the day.


8 min.



After work


Check in and recharge your inner resources at the end of the day.


8 min.

When feeling anxiety or difficult emotions


Metabolize your emotions and resource yourself.


7 min.

Well-being Practices for Teams

Coming Soon!

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