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First Compassion Corps class complete!

Lisel Joseph | August 28, 2017

Adam Burn (center) and the participants in his CCT class at the National Alliance of Mental Illness in San Jose, California.

I am excited to share the news that the very first Compassion Corps class is now complete. CCT Certified Teacher and Compassion Corps grantee Adam Burn has wrapped up his course at the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) in San Jose, California.


From Adam:


Working with NAMI Santa Clara County on a CCT course was a truly moving experience…Participants were peer and family program facilitators at NAMI who were either directly contending with a severe mental illness or who were caregivers of service consumers on a daily basis. Given the frequently higher propensity for psychological vulnerability in this population, I was initially very cautious in my approach. However, these concerns turned out to be unfounded. Not only did participants embrace the content wholeheartedly, they also demonstrated profound levels of insight, curiosity, deep appreciation for how the course was gradually structured, and also offered a wonderfully supportive environment for each other in the process.


One participant also created a short video sharing his experience taking CCT and how he has worked compassion meditation into a new daily routine:

Check back soon for updates about the important work other Compassion Corps grantees have underway.